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Magus Tower Defense review and game tips.

29f54d13b84013237867acac26f3a7e6.jpg iconMagus Tower Defense is a simple but enjoyable Tower Defense game. Your goal is stop the invading bugs from getting past your defenses. Build Towers along the roads to stop all the attacks!

Gameplay -

In this Tower Defense game you have 8 Levels to get through, with each level having an increasing number of Waves of attacking bugs for you to defend off. You must use the available towers to place along side the roads to defeat the waves of attacks. If any bugs manage to survive and sneak past your defenses then you will loose 1 of your lives!

You have 10 lives for each level, so you can only afford to let 9 bugs past your defenses. Any more than that and its Game Over.

Controls -

Point and click the various objects and items. No keys are necessary.

Interface -

On the Interface you have:

*Score - Points Awarded for killing bugs.
*Life - 10 Lives
*Wave Number - What wave you are on and waves in total for the level.
*Time - Time and the ability to fast forward time!
*Sound Options - Change Sound On/Off.
*Money - Amount of $ in total.
*Towers - Towers available to build.
*Tower Extras - Tower upgrades available to build.


Towers -

As you start the game, you will only have access to 3 Towers. Level 2 gives you access to 4 Towers, while Level 3 gives you 5 Towers, Level 4 7 Towers and Level 5+ lets you use all Towers available.

Posion Tower 
Price: $80
Attack: 1 (+2DPS)

Ice Tower
Price: $170
Attack: 2 (+1DPS)

Fire Tower (**Recommended**)
Price: $100
Attack: 5

Meteor Tower
Price: $400
Attack: 10

Shock Tower
Price: $400
Attack: 25

Dark Tower
Price: $450
Attack: 7 (+5DPS)

Tower Extras -

Might Tower
Price: $550
Increase attack power of nearby towers.

Radius Tower
Price: $300
Increase the range of nearby towers.

Haste Tower
Price: $450
Faster shooting speed for nearby towers.


Magus Tower Defense Game Tips

*For the first 5 levels just build Fire Towers and lots of them!
*Build Towers in groups together on one way paths, don't build them scattered.
*Levels 6+ again make the most of Fire Towers plus a couple of Shock Towers in between as you advance through the higher wave levels.
*Use the Fast Forward time button to get cash faster, but just make sure your still building more and more towers otherwise you may get overwhelmed.


As Tower Defense games go, this isn't the most modern with hundreds of upgrades but it sure is awesome! The ability to build different style towers, towers that upgrade towers and the ability to Fast forward time are what make this game a winner. It's enjoyable, fast paced and a great addition to your tower defense collection!

Play Now!
Magus Tower Defense
Magus Tower Defense

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